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Classic LV Duffel Bag Set

Bags, a good size shoulder bag with scraff rap around the handle, 3 pc set.
LN New Arrivals

LV Duffel Bag Set for Men

Bags, travelling bag with shaving kit bag with wallet and pouch, 4 pc set. Very good deal for travelling bag set.
LN New Arrivals

LV Multi-Pochette Bags

Bags, shoulder bag with a fancy pad lock, cross body with chain and clutch. Very good deal.
LN New Arrivals

LV Top Handle Bag Set

Bags, 3 pc for the price of one a very good deal.
LN New Arrivals

LV Classic Multi-Pochette Bags

Bags, hand carry, cross body and pouch 3 pc set.
LN New Arrivals


Luggage, carry on bag, very light weight and easy to move.
LN New Arrivals